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The Nicki Leach Foundation

The Nicki Leach Foundation

Mission Statement

The Nicki Leach Foundation The Nicki Leach Foundation

Honoring Nicki's Request

The primary mission of the Nicki Leach Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to provide modest financial assistance to young adults (18-30) afflicted with cancer. The Foundation has decided to focus on this particular age group, as it includes the highest number of under insured individuals in the U.S., who are often caught between completion of education and actual employment with insurance. Most have already exhausted their financial resources, and have significant trouble finding jobs given their diagnoses and disabilities. We strongly urge you to support the Mission of the Nicki Leach Foundation."



The Nicki Leach Foundation

Please help us reach our $25,000.00 goal! DONATE today to the Nicki Leach Foundation Endowed Scholarship at the University of North Florida for students with cancer.


Please make your check payable to:

Nicki Leach Foundation Scholarship Endowment
1 UNF Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32224-7699

What Do Young Adults With Cancer Do With Funding?

Nicki Leach

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Purchase Turtle Shells: Heading Through Cancer

The Nicki Leach Foundation The Nicki Leach Foundation

At one time, Bunny's life seemed perfect. After her husband retired from the professional tennis circuit, where they traveled with their two children around the world, they packed up and moved to paradise, Florida. But when their sixteen-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, paradise quickly turned into a nightmare.

As the family drifted apart, Bunny put her faith in God and fought for her daughter's life. Turtle Shells: Heading Through Cancer, a mother's gripping memoir, is sure to tug at heart strings as she recounts her daughter's battle against brain cancer and her fight to be happy again.

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Carly Fest

Carly Anne Driscoll The Nicki Leach Foundation

Carly Anne Driscoll was a major impact to the underground music scene. She had a smile that was constant and infectious even throughout her grueling battle with RMS (rhabdomysarcoma). Carly influenced everyone to never give up. She possessed charisma, artistic ability and courage!

We celebrate her spirit that lives within so many of us through Carly Fest by hosting an annual concert and donating the proceeds to the Nicki Leach Foundation. We feel Carly would want it that way ... compassion via the music she loved and lived for!

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